Ep 12 Photography For Our LGBTQ+ Communities | Guest Jennie Crate with Jennie Crate Photography

As someone with a lived experience in the LGBTQ+ community, Jennie provides wedding photography for others in this community. She shares her own marriage story and the trials and tribulations she and her wife went through with legal marriage during the early 2000s. Before she dove in deep with photography Jennie worked in a museum where she was captivated by the folks who could find a compelling way to tell a story with an idea or thought. This inspired her to capture people's stories through photography.

We touch on the following topics:

- Saying no with a purpose when facing burnout
- How burnout (especially after 2021) can help us reprioritize our work-life balance
- How branding well done, can bring you your dream clients
- Defining success (travel and family time!)
- Jennie’s advice for entrepreneurs to tell their story
- LGBTQ I Do - a program Jennie runs that supports our queer community in finding wedding vendors who stand with them
- The actual nightmares we face as entrepreneurs when we fear not being able to deliver on what we promised our clients
- Why niching down can be hard yet so valuable when our niche is woven with our own vulnerable stories
- Being comfortable in your niche knowing not everyone is going to hire you - and that’s okay!

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